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您好,您的问题似乎表意不明,完善一下您的问题吧。 如果回答有不完善的地方,或不明白的地方,可以追问 希望采纳 谢谢!

bring 带来

Japanese is one of the healthiest and long lived nations in the world, and it’s their healthy diet that’s thought to be largely responsible. Compared with others, they eat roughly twice the amount of cereals, less than one fift...

主食、小吃 (Staple Food & Local Snacks) 1 X.O.炒萝卜糕 Turnip Cake with XO Sauce 2 八宝饭 Eight Treasure Rice 3 白粥 Plain Rice Porridge...

如何学好英语 大家都知道,生活在21世纪的年轻人掌握一门外语是十分重要的,尤其是英语。如何学好英语,提高英语水平,是当前很多中学生困惑的问题。其实,学...

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