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肯定最中规中矩的用法还是 a couple of days,a couple days是口语化的偷工减料,最好不用,别人用了也没必要指摘,如果是英语改错题,要改。

a few 一般强调的数量要多于a couple of。a few一般是多于3左右。而a couple of一般强调的数量是2或者3,比如a few days . 意思是几天。这里的几天至少是3天以上。可能是4天,5天,6天,但不会超过10天。 而a couple of days ,也是几天的意思。...

in a couple of days不久、几天 双语例句 1. I'll come again in a couple of days. 我过两天再来。 2. In a couple of days, I will visit Indonesia and Malaysia. 不久我将对印度尼西亚和马来西亚进行访问。 3. To ensure continuous progres...

a couple of days 几天 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 几天 2. 一两天 3. 两天 例句: 1. Within a couple of days, both sons-in-law were killed. 几天内,两位女婿都被杀。 2. Stop spraying, and things would revert to normal within a ...


a couple of days = 2天 couples of days = 许多个2天 = 很多天,具体天数不定 希望对你有帮助 :-)

a couple of days 有两种理解。 1 几天 = some/several days 2 两天 = two days

a couple of 两个, 几个 例句: He patched up a couple of old tires. 他补了几条旧车胎。 The bowler let go a couple of scorchers. 投球手投出了几个快球。 Give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice. 倒果汁前,先把瓶...


答案D 【巧解导析】What's up? 表示“怎么回事?”;What are you up to? 表示“你在干什么?”,句中up是副词,to为介词,后面直接接名词.不能说up to do或up to doing,句中的to也不能改为for,with或其他介词.

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